5 tips to clean stained leather.

At HomeMade we want to recommend a series of excellent tricks to clean leather and have it look perfect. With these ideas that we bring you here, anyone can obtain an excellent result, since products that we can all have at home or easily acquire are used.

1. Vaseline

This trick is perfect for cleaning white or light-colored leather to make it shiny. To do this, rub Vaseline evenly over the surface and let it dry for 30 minutes. Then, pass a dry cloth with a soft rub until the natural shine of the material is achieved.

2. Skim milk

Another peculiar trick to polish leather requires skim milk. For this home use to be effective, moisten a little of the product in a fine cloth and pass it over the surface with a smooth movement. Then, with an equally soft cloth, rub again until the material looks perfect.

3. Vinegar and flaxseed oil

Vinegar is an excellent ally for cleaning the house. In this case, we will use this liquid in a mixture of equal parts with linseed oil. Again you will have to moisten the soft cloth and rub the surface once.

In this case, remember that white vinegar is better for cleaning light skin, while cider vinegar is perfect for polishing dark leather.

4. Neutral soap

This trick is great for cleaning stains on leather. In this case, if something like oil, chocolate or another type of liquid or product has fallen on it, you will only have to use a little neutral liquid soap on the problem. You can use our Neutral Soapy Cleaner for Leather.

5. Body moisturizer

Let’s go with another interesting trick. If you want the leather to not crack over time, moisturize the material with body moisturizer. By doing this process once every three months, you will have the material in perfect magazine condition. Our greasing protective cream is ideal for keeping the skin like the first day.

As you can see, these tips are simple but effective, and we give them to you so that you can keep your apartment clean while you contract the next cleaning with us.

When you hire a cleaning with us, we will do it with love, but also with professionalism and diligence, so you know, after cleaning with us, follow these tips to keep your apartment clean until you get us back!!!

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