We love organizing homes in New York City

At HomeMade cleaning services, we believe that love and a helping hand is the best way to do our jobs, so relax, give us a call, and let us do the rest. Rest assured, the high quality of our services is what have been looking for.

Keeping your home clean requires time, effort, and high-quality services. HomeMade can help! You will be glad to know that what makes us stand out is our way of caring; we care about your home as we care about ours, so whatever is important to you in your home is just as important to us. Taking care of our clients is what we really love about the job.

That is HomeMade.

Our Cleaning Services…


Surface Clean

The surface clean may be the right fit for your needs.

Our Surface cleaning service includes:

  • Clean kitchen( stove, counter, microwave, dishes,)
  • Clean Bathroom (shower, toilet, sink) 
  • Clean dust in each room
  • Vacuum whole apartment 
  • Mop floor 
  • Change sheets 

Deep Clean

The Deep clean includes all the services from the surface cleaning, and also includes:

  • Inside Fridge  
  • Inside oven 
  • Or any other place you may need clean 

If you’d like to have a different place of your home cleaned, please let us know and extra charges may be added. 


Move in- Move out

Our move-in and/or move-out service includes

  • Help start selecting things, the client needs in the new place. 
  • Help get rid of unnecessary stuff. ( Send to donation)
  • Packing each room separately.
  • Leveling each box. 
  • Creating a checklist for the client(s)

Moving in service include

  • Help unpack boxes and organize items. 
  • Clean the kitchen cabinets.                                                                     
  • *Prices are arranged before or on the day of the job*

Home Optimization (Get your home organized)

Home Optimizatimization; Get your space organized

This service might be a good fit in case you’re feeling as if your space is full of stuff you may not use anymore or maybe is too crowded and doesn’t have space for new things. This works in any room of your house or closet or any space that may need attention.

This service includes:

  • Depuration(if wished)
  • Optimization
  • Organization
  • Rethink your space
  • Get comfortable with your new space
  • Charged by Hours        
  •  Extras can be added to the final price. The size of the apartment may also change the final price.

What does HomeMade mean? 

What HomeMade means, it means that when HomeMade enters your home, we are here to help, to understand, and to take care of your most valuable environment(s). So you can rest assured your home is in the right hands with excellent efficiency. Because whatever is going on in your life, you deserve a clean and organized home to come to after taking care of the rest of your life.

It also means, we use safe and for the most part non-toxic cleaning supplies, and cleaning tools to get all your stuff ready to be put in the right place and pleasantly cleaned up while taking care of your health as well.


HomeMade HouseKeeping

Would you like to schedule a weekly or monthly appointment?

Let us know and we will be there.



  • Thank you for you all your help in 2021. It was a difficult year for me and having your support made a big difference. I hope 2022 is a bright one.

    Matt Brooklyn, NY
  • Thank you for everything you do for our family. You are a pleasure to have around.

    Natalie Brooklyn, NY
  • As much as we appreciate all your work, we appreciate your kindness and warmth even more.

    Will Manhattan, NY
  • Liliana, Paula, and Juliana are the loveliest team-not only are they so hard-working, but they are kind and compassionate. It is a joy to be around them- they radiate positivity. They go above and beyond the call of duty- their attention to detail is unparalleled and they always leave the house sparkling. They are the most trustworthy reliable, generous, and professional people! Couldn't recommend them more highly.

    Gen Brooklyn, New York
  • We have worked with Liliana for years and we are very pleased with her work. Her service is dependable and really saves us time, and she is flexible scheduling around our obligations. Liliana has helped us with ordinary cleaning tasks as well as taking on jobs for specific cleanings like refrigerator and oven. We’re very grateful to have connected with her at the recommendation of a friend, and we look forward to seeing her grow her business.

    Mattie G

About us…

Who are we? We are a family business and have a great fully qualified team so everything we have created for this company has come from a place of genuine care and respect. Our team has the same intention at heart and in mind every time we enter our clients’ apartments. We will always handle everything with gentleness and love. We believe that in a city as it is NYC so chaotic and always at full speed; We all deserve a little bit of great, amazing help and our homes a lot of love and that is why we created this small company.


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